Batch Sheets Export


Batch Sheets Export

It's a free plugin!

  • Plugin allows you to export all specified sheets to dwg/dxf/pdf/oxps

    Call options

    • Renga main menu


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    On startup, the plugin window displays all the sheets of the current project


    At the top of the list there is a text field for the live search by sheet name.

    To the right of the list are auxiliary buttons that allow to select all displayed sheets in the list or unselect all displayed sheets in the list. By default, all sheets are selected.

    Below are the export settings:

    • Export to - export option: dwg, dxf, pdf, oxps
    • AutoCAD file version - select the AutoCAD file version the sheets will be exported to if export in dwg or dxf is selected
    • Overwrite existing files - if the option is checked and the export folder contains files with the same name as the sheet to be exported, the file will be overwritten. If not checked and the destination folder contains files with the same name, a suffix will be added to the name of the sheet to be exported.

    Export - select a folder for export and start batch export of sheets.

  • Change history for

    2023 Year

    Renga: Batch Sheets Export (08.11.2023)

    Using the ModPlus.Xaml.Behaviors.Wpf.dll library instead of Microsoft.Xaml.Behaviors.dll to resolve compatibility issues with other plugins.

    2022 Year

    Renga: Batch Sheets Export (29.09.2022)

    Added export to PDF and OpenXPS.
    Added sheet search in the list.
    Removed sheet selection inversion button.

    2020 Year

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