New plugin for Revit. Copy along Curve

Published: 17 June 2024
Introducing a new free plugin for Revit - Copy along Curve!

The plugin allows you to copy elements with a specified step along a specified path. You can use any linear element as a path. And if the standard Array allows you to copy elements linearly or radially, our plugin allows you to copy elements along any complex path:

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!


AutoCAD. Smart. Node designation. Revision mark. Optimizing work with linear objects

Published: 04 June 2024

We present you an update of the ModPlus ISO plugin, which will now be called Smart, with new smart objects and useful changes, which we will tell you about below.


The plugin was originally named "SPDS" to get away from the association with SPDS plugins, but still retain an understanding of what the plugin allows you to do. However, over time, came to realize that the capabilities of the plugin over time can go beyond just the design of documentation and provide more opportunities to create drawings. Therefore, it was decided to rename the plugin so that it would be more in line with its functions and the choice was made to name it "Smart".


Revit. MEP. Copy in direction, align vertical and other new features

Published: 29 May 2024

We are glad to present you an update of two plugins for engineering systems at once - MEP copy and MEP alignment! We will tell you more about the novelties below

MEP copy

Added new command Copy in direction, which allows you to copy elements along a linear MEP element (for example, along a pipe) and connect them:


In all commands the connection algorithm has been changed - now the connection is made not only to the element along which the copying was made, but to all MEP elements to which it is possible!

In the command Copy by levels added saving of marked levels, so that you don't have to mark them every time you run the plugin in the same file.

MEP alignment

Added a new Align vertical command to align the top point of a vertical MEP element to the bottom point.

The Multibuild command has added conduit processing and the Align command has added fitting processing.

In the Set distance command, the "Run in cycles" option has been added, and the order of operations has been changed - now the settings window is displayed first, then you select the elements to be aligned, and then the base element. With the "Execute cyclically" option, you just set the settings once, and then select the elements and the base element cyclically.

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Revit. Sheet export. Compress PDF

Published: 16 May 2024

When exporting sheets to PDF with the Sheet export plugin, in certain cases the files were too large. If you used the standard Revit export (or print), the file size was smaller. Which tells us that Revit's API is clearly deficient. Therefore, in the new version of the plugin in the settings now available option "Compress PDF":

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We recommend using this option if you have pictures on your sheets or if you are exporting with bitmap processing. Our tests have shown that if you compress images by 50%, the file size reduction reaches 75%! And at the same time the quality of images is almost indistinguishable!

Enjoy working with ModPlus!


Revit. Type manager. Comparison of multiple documents

Published: 15 May 2024

In the new version of the Type Manager plugin, comparison of type parameters of types from several documents is now available:

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And also on the "Current model" tab it is now possible to:

  • Save the list of selected columns (saved automatically)
  • Select several categories for filtering
  • Select all type instances in the model and copy their identifiers to the clipboard.
  • Edit the type name
  • Change the "Workset" parameter

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!


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