After the upgrade, the Configurator does not open
The most common problem that can cause problems when running the configurator is a corrupted configuration file. If the problem is updated, there may be an unsecured file configuration. To solve the problem, remove /ModPlus/UserData/mpConfig.mpcf file and re-run the Configurator
Starting with the version of the Configurator, the main settings of the plugin are stored in the registry. If the Configurator does not open - write to us.
After starting the configurator, it takes ten seconds and the computer restarts

This problem is related to the antivirus you have installed. If there is antivirus Avast such a problem is accurate. Just add the ModPlus folder to your antivirus exclusions. Also read this article

I bought a few functions. But after upgrading AutoCad to a new version, they stopped working

The function is purchased for a particular version of the AutoCAD. If you used the 2015 AutoCAD and installed the 2016 AutoCAD, you should buy the paid features again

I registered on the site, but the confirmation letter did not come

Letters from the site can be found in the Spam section. If there is no message from the site in the Spam section - write to us

What folders are used by ModPlus software?

ModPlus software uses multiple folders:


  1. Directly installed software folder
  2. User data storage folder %appdata%\ModPlus Data
  3. Manifest files for connecting to Revit are created in the folder %appdata%\Autodesk\Revit\Addins\XXXX (where XXXX - Revit version)


All listed folders must have write access for the current user

What data is stored in the registry and where is it located?

The registry stores all the basic settings of ModPlus, settings of the auto-update module, menu structure, information on installed plugins and entries about the news shown.

All settings are located in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ModPlus

Attention! Do not change the data in the registry manually!

How to fix the "Method not found" error?

ModPlus is a component application and its various components are updated separately. Many components, including plugins, use methods from auxiliary libraries located in the ModPlus/Extensions folder. Support libraries are updated automatically using the auto-update module.

If you see the message “Method not found”, then you are using a component that has been updated, but the auxiliary libraries have not been updated.

Close all applications using auxiliary libraries (Configurator, AutoCAD, Revit, Renga), wait until the auto-update module icon turns blue and run the update check.

You can also upgrade using the web installer

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